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3d Strassenmalerei
Guiness Weltrekord
3d Streetpainting XXL
3d Streetart Shopping Malls, Einkaufs Center
3d Straßenmalen in aller Welt
3d Soziales, Asphalt Art
3d Chalkart Stadtfeste
3d Advertisement, Werbung

Trompe d´oeil, Illusionsmalerei
Mural painting
Charles Blume Tower

Verschiedenes kunterbunt

Events , Festivals
Streetart Brande , Wilhemshaven
Strassenmalerwettbewerb Geldern und Grazie
hier geht es um Kunst!!!

für Kinder
für Erwachsene
und generationsübergreifende Integrationshilfe

traditional Streetpainting
klassische Pflastermalerei
Aktuellere Gemälde
Die Kölner Dom Platte

2d Strassenmalerei in der Werbung
VITA , Referenzen

Gregor Wosik
gemeinsame Arbeit

TV TOTAL, Presse
Stefan Raab bis Martin Rütter

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Vita English

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My name is Marion Ruthardt, born in Rheinhausen, a little city near Düsseldorf, Germany. First I followed the classical education path: High school, final examination and then trading school , to study econemy . But the business world is definitely not my main interesst, my interessts are lying on art and nature. Actually I started painting as a child, because my father was my example. Later I had a real „artist „ as a teacher at school, local famous, Anton Scharf. I used to live near a city, called Geldern, and there every year a streetpainting festival takes place. So I joined there about 20 years ago, first just for fun. And when I got more and more positive feedback of the people, appreciation and money, I started to streetpaint more and more seriously, thanks to Edgar Müller, who was my teacher and motivator. He helped me on my way, so I had the opportunity, to make my living out of my passion, -- I am endless thankful for this chance, not many people are so happy. First in classical 2d copying, and it helped a lot, that I was successful, so I reached the first place Master Class in Geldern, and was winning in many other competitions , reached Qualificato in Mantua – I have to take part again, to get more further, but nowadays we don´t have much time for festivals and to practise 2d painting, because most oft he agencies and people are asking for 3d. So that is my professional work now, I am painting alone or together with my partner , Gregor Wosik. We are speciallized on XXL 3d paintings, and work for events and brandings all over the world. Together with other people we even managed some world records, in the „most largest anamorphic painting on the street „ . First was 2009 in Rijssen, Nether lands, 750 m². Together with Leon Keer, Remko van Schaik and Ruben Poncia. The second one Gregor Wosik was leading without me, 2012 in Wilhemshaven, 1500 m². And the 3d one togehter with many artists from all over the world 2014 in Venice, Florida, 2000 m², after a scetch of Kurt Wenner. The following year we helped to organize another world record attempt in Florida. Although we like XXL 3d s and prefer to paint large –our aim is not, to do another world record, but to paint more and more beautiful pictures. Also we would like to have more chances to do murals , what is also our passion. Sometimes I offer workshops – which is a try, to give back something of my merciful kismet to other people.

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